About Us
Success Formula

Good Teachers + Quality Notes + Regular Examinations

Good Teachers :
Good teachers make any topic interesting. At CARMEL experienced teachers teach each subject. They are easily accessible. Students can approach them with any concerns or questions that come up during their learning process. The teachers of CARMEL are confident, knowledgeable, caring, fair to all students and well organised.

Quality Notes :
One of the keys to being a good student and scoring good marks is to learn from good quality notes. Learning from systematic CARMEL notes can dramatically improve your ability to recall information. CARMEL notes summarise the main points, explain the important ideas and list the specific details needed for learning the concepts explained in the BOARD TEXT BOOKS. Reviewing our notes periodically will help you achieve lasting memory.

Regular Examinations :
Examinations test a student's knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. They bring before the students questions from the entire module together in a challenging environment. Examinations at CARMEL help students to refresh their skills and keep them focused and specific.