About Carmel Educational Group

Carmel educational group was founded in 1994, with a vision to provide the best quality education to secondary and higher secondary students of Mumbai. 30 years later Carmel remains one of the best institutions among the organized classroom coaching centres in Mumbai. Hundreds of CARMEL students have scored full marks in individual subjects and thousands have become Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lecturers, Lawyers, Business Managers, Chefs, Photographers, Fashion Designers, Therapists, Cabin Crew, Government Officers, Economists, Social Workers etc.

Why Carmel?


We care about our students’ happiness, wellbeing and life beyond the class room. Our teachers create a positive and caring environment in the classroom and make our students feel confident, good and important. Motivating our students by encouraging and appreciating them, rewarding them for their sincere efforts and getting them happily involved in their studies, we make them feel capable and valued.


We teach each topic using simple and easy to understand methods which makes learning interesting and productive. Our teachers sit together with our students after the regular class time to clear their doubts and problems related to each topic. Each child is taken care of keeping in mind his/her capabilities and requirements till the time he/she understands and learns the topic.


Every child is different and unique. At Carmel we believe every child should have a chance to feel special. We appreciate and reward even the smallest of efforts of every child and encourage them to do better. Hand in hand, we help our students to confidently overcome the hurdles in their path leading them to success and happiness in life.

Limitless Learning, Limitless Possibilities

  • Evaluated Answer Paper Discussions
  • Chapterwise Worksheets
  • Chapterwise Examinations
  • Previous Board Exam Papers
  • Carmel Examinations
  • Carmel Master Papers
  • Preliminary Examinations
  • Grammar Papers
  • Multiple Chapter Examinations

One on One Doubt Clearance

Parents Can Meet Teachers/Coordinators @7:30-8:30pm on Saturdays

Carmel's Success Formula


Good Teachers

Inspiring mentors guiding students towards knowledge and growth


Handwritten Notes

Thoughtfully crafted, personalized study materials for effective learning


Regular Examinations

Continuous assessment to track progress and improve performance


One on One Doubt Solving

Individualized attention to address students' questions and concerns

Committed To Quality Education!

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